Alphington & Fairfield Civic Association Inc. (AFCA) presents the iconic Music from the Wetlands Festival in 2023. The Festival opens with a music parade starting from the Riverview Grove entrance to Alphington Park and making its way down View Street to the Wetlands on the banks of the Yarra River. The Festival celebrates music, the environment and community. Featuring live music, kids activities and refreshment stalls by local and community organisations. Organisation such as the Darebin Parklands Association, Waterwatch and the Yarra River Keeper provide interactive displays as part of an environmentally focussed event within the beautiful parklands and wetlands of Alphington.
Access the Festival grounds by walking down View Street from Alphington Park, or hop on the free shuttle bus.

This event is funded through Council's 2023 Annual Grants Program, a Victorian Government's Small & Medium Events Program Grant and a Partnership with Community Bank Clifton Hill - North Fitzroy.


11.45 am Havana Palava will lead a musical street parade departing from the Riverview Grove entrance to Alphington Park (next to the Bowls Club) and making its way down View Street to the Wetlands
12.10 pm Wing Defence
1.00 pm Vardos
1.35pm Kathryn Clements
2.00pm Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow
2.45 pm Ausecuma Beats
3.40 pm The Alphingtones
4.05 pm Kutcha Edwards
5.00 pm The Kraken

Multi-award winner and proud Mutti Mutti man Kutcha Edwards uses his mesmeric music to create connections across cultures, generations, and spaces. His charismatic stage presentations deepen our understanding of Australia's first people. As a respected elder and survivor from the Stolen Generations, a Kutcha live experience takes you on a journey with stories from his life, that segue so eloquently into each song choice lifting your spirit. At the heart of it Kutcha's music is pure soul. Through his humour and insights, we realise that with recognition of the true Aboriginal history, there can be hope of reconciliation.
Photo Credit: Jamie James
VARDOS (1.00pm)
Driven by Alana's wild violin, chased by accordion and double bass, Vardos play folk and Romany music learnt from Rroma (Gypsy) and folk musicians during their travels in Eastern Europe. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the band has toured to Hungary, France, Berlin, Switzerland, Amsterdam, New Caledonia, New Zealand, London and Scotland, and plays at many a wedding, party and private function.
Fingerstyle percussive guitar meets masterful violin accompaniment and a magical blend of vocals as Tim McMillan & Rachel Snow twirl their musical influences together to create a riveting potion of Celtic rock, folk, metal, classical & jazz. Hailing from the same school on the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne, Australia and now based in Berlin, Germany the duo have performed together for nearly 20 years. Their connection is mesmerising and they are known across the world for enthralling and delighting audiences with up to 140 concerts each year. The duo's shared love of travel seeps into their live shows creating a soundscape that moves from Iceland to Scotland, Germany, Italy, Poland, Japan and all the way home to Australia. Along with emotive moments they captivate with athletic guitar stunts, interwoven violin antics and a velvety curtain of vocals.
Photo Credit: Tania Tobiano

Kathryn Clements is one of Australia's finest exponents of traditional Irish song. She has toured Ireland extensively and has just returned from her latest trip. Kathryn's intimate weaving of Irish music, song and story will transport you to the very heart of an Irish pub.
Kathryn has a depth of experience teaching Traditional Irish singing in workshops at Port Fairy Folk Festival; National Folk Festival and National Celtic Folk Festival and she is a past Recipient of the Lis Johnson Memorial Award at the National Folk Festival. Kathryn is no stranger to the Music FromThe Wetlands stage, having acted as MC of the Festival in 2018 and been part of the line up in 2015.
WING DEFENCE (12.10pm)
Wing Defence is a collective of local musicians performing folk and original tunes featuring sweet harmonies, trumpet and double bass. Members have received the Scarlet's Prize at previous Music From The Wetlands Festivals and performed widely across Melbourne's gig circuit.

AUSECUMA BEATSis a band conceived through a happy collision of cultures that took place in multicultural Melbourne. The band's aim is to celebrate diversity in music and express rhythm as the core of all the members' shared musicality. The ensemble hail from Australia, Senegal, Cuba and Mali (AU-SE-CU-MA) and comprises 4 powerful percussionists, enhanced by sweet melodic overtones from guitar, kora, keys and sax... The musicians proudly honour the diversity of their various heritages through sharing contemporary forms of traditional, culturally rich rhythms. Their compositions express the power of humanity and ensure their art is not only accessible, but musically and emotionally thrilling. The audience will be set alive, dance, laugh, love and remember the energetic force that is Ausecuma Beats.

The band will perform a dynamic selection of tunes from their first two albums Ausecuma Beats - 2019 and Musso - 2021). The tunes are mostly original - pertaining to issues of modern life, eg dealing with relationships, facing problems, how to stay positive, ways to express joy etc - with a couple of traditional songs from West Africa done Ausecuma Beats-style, to keep the original flavours from the motherland. Moods vary from gentle and reflective to joyous high spirits.
HAVANA PALAVA (11:45 music march from Alphington Park)
Havana Palava is a street band that plays around Melbourne and regional Victoria at festivals and community events.

Havana Palava's music is a lively, eclectic mix of African, Caribbean, Gypsy, Klezmer and Blues. They bring a great carnival vibe to the festivals they play at, sporting fabulous hot pink outfits, processing in anarchic formation, busting out choreographed numbers, luring a crowd, and generally making people get loosey goosey!

Havana Palava will lead the street parade to start the Music From The Wetlands 2023, departing at 11:45am from the Riverview Grove entrance to Alphington Park (next to the Bowls Club) and will make its way down View Street to the Wetlands.
Photo Credit: Kalimna Mohamed
THE KRAKEN (5.00pm)
The Kraken are a toe tappin?, foot stompin?, woopin? an? a hollerin? musical collective. They have been invited to leave more bars than you could shake a stick at and their musical influences are eclectic to say the least. The Kraken blend original banjo tunes with face melting electric guitar solos. Featuring local musicians.

If this music doesn?t move you you?re already dead.

Established in 2005, The Alphingtones community choir is a four part choir that embraces community, friendship, and the joy of music. The Choir's repertoire covers many music genres.

Directed by the multi-talented Ursula Paez, The Alphingtones rehearse at the St Andrew;s Uniting Church, 87 Gillies Street, Fairfield on Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:00pm during school terms. They always welcome new members.