Thanks to all the musicians, activities providers, volunteers and community groups who made Music From The Wetlands 2023 such a successful and enjoyable day.

Details of some of the wonderful outcomes of this year's event are below. This community event fostering our love of the wetlands and surrounds, and the relationships between our community groups and clubs, has impacts further afield as a result of local generosity:
- the generous "gold coin" (and lots of folding stuff) donations on the day resulted in $1020.70 being sent off to Support Act, who deliver crisis relief services to musicians, managers, crew and music workers across all genres who are unable to work due to ill health, injury, a mental health problem or some other crisis
- on behalf of the local bands Wing Defence and The Kraken have elected to have their performance fees donated to not-for-profit organisations - Pay The Rent and the Australian Red Cross
- our circus performers workshop people, Wandering Entertainment, donated the proceeds of the sale of merchandise on the day to Dennis Stationeers to assist in revegetation of the land along the trainline with native, indigenous plants
- The Alphington Branch of the Country Women's Association of Victoria, who were selling very welcome fruit sticks and frozen fruit juice tubes, will use 100% of their profit to support women, children and families in the area

We cannot thank Kate Herd and her family enough for allowing us to present the festival on their property.

AFCA is proud to be a part of this wider sharing of support, and we once again thank our major supporters for making it all possible:
Clifton Hill / North Fitzroy Community Bank Branch
City of Yarra
State Government of Victoria Small & Medium Events Grants Program

We have had some lovely feedback -
- I've been a music festival-goer for many years and this tops my list, and that's a big call - the community base and location, the family emphasis, the stunning location, the relaxed atmosphere from not being over-whelmingly crowded, the very high quality music from a range of genres but broadly folk, great food, and of course great luck with the weather, made it superb
- Congratulations on a beautiful event yesterday! Such a wonderful community event on a gorgeous part of the city. Thoroughly enjoyed the music and food.
- I came down to the festival yesterday and absolutely loved it! Such a beautiful set up with the stalls and music and the friendly volunteers set such a wonderful atmosphere right from the entrance onward.